The focus of our love for traveling is the desire to get to know something new, to experience a country, a region or a city in all their authenticity. That's why we recommend discovering Asia with Secret Retreats.

With over a hundred carefully selected addresses, Secret Retreats reveals the essence of Asia to those travelers who want to make their journey through encounters with locals even more intense.

The travelers have the choice between:
  • Charming hotels in the big Asian cities, but also in the regions off the beaten path. From the city hotel to the family country hotel, everyone will find a home to suit their taste.

  • Private villas for a holiday with family or friends. The interior design and ambience of these houses bear the signature of their owners, who first set them up for themselves and then decided to share them with guests. Unique, individual accommodations to recharge with loved ones while enjoying world-class service, such as a butler's and a private chef's.

  • Traditional boats, yachts and luxurious pinisi to explore Asia on the water: on a stream like the Mekong or the Irrawaddy or on the seas of Asia.

  • Restaurants to enjoy all the tastes of Asia, thanks to a cuisine based on local, seasonal and eco-friendly products.
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