The Guide Michelin has finally decided in Germany as well! This year again 18 chefs in 18 Romantik Restaurants have been awarded with the popular Michelin stars. 15 stars go to Romantik Restaurants in Germany, 3 to Italy, 1 to Switzerland and 1 to the Netherlands. We have prepared an overview of our hosts and their "star" chefs for you.

Whether freshly caught fish and seafood on the coasts of northern Germany, fresh vegetables directly from the garden or game from the neighbouring forest:  Adding beers, wines and juices from regional production traditions - the special recipes can only be tasted in the most pleasant self-experiment.
In Switzerland, Romantik is happy to welcome the first female "Star" chef this year.
Sustainable, appreciative and respectful. Tobias Eisele learned cooking from his father at the Romantik Hotel Freiberg in the Allgäu Alps, Oberstdorf as a child. In addition to the restaurants "Die Stube" and "Das Fetzwerk", he cooks for gourmets at "Das Maximilians" with exciting star cuisine.
Star chef Mathias Apelt in the "Ahlmanns" restaurant at the Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann in Kiel is particularly popular for his regional cuisine. He had previously studied at home and abroad with star chefs such as Juan Amador, who helped to shape the foundation of his culinary art. 
Valentin Rottner follows his father's footsteps and is beginning the gourmet year 2019 as Romantik's new star in Geramny. He has already learnt from Romantik colleague Alexander Herrmann in Wirsberg as well as on the island of Sylt
15 stars shine this year again in 14 of the Romantik Restaurants in Germany.
This year, the Netherlands will once again be able to let a star shine in the culinary sky.
In Switzerland, Romantik is happy to welcome the first female "Star" chef this year.
In Italy 2 stars remain in one Romantik Restaurant in South Tyrol and 1 star is added to the Romantik Restaurant in Venice.